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Janna Marie

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April 20th, 2007

10:49 pm: Just One of the Girls

I am now a member of a local networking group for home party reps.  Attended the first meeting earlier this week and I had so much fun! I wish I was more articulate and could better expound on the cultural differences between the nonprofit sector and the this group of ladies...but I'm not. However, I think constantly working on big "causes" does something to your sense of humor and  self importance. I have to admit we can be just not that fun, and sometimes have a tendency to take ourselves WAY too seriously.  Let's face it, a lot of folks drawn to this work are left of center. We take great care to be sensitive and not offend anyone. So much so, that a research report my organization put out that had cowboy clipart on it (we called it the "Research Roundup") was flagged as potentially offensive to some cultures (vegetarians?). 

Oops, I'm digressing in a major way. Basically, this group of ladies was just FUN. There wasn't any weird posturing or pussyfooting around tender egos, or any of that stuff.  I talked about my business and handed out my last few brochures. Was a little nervous how they might be received, but everyone in the group LOVED them and some of the ladies were upset that I ran out (Note to self: Bring lots of brochures everywhere you go...). 


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April 17th, 2007

12:10 pm: First Party a Hit

I had my first party on Saturday with a group of girlfriends, and it was great!  I was hoping to just get my feet wet in front of a friendly audience (and book a couple shows to get the ball rolling), but I actually ended up selling almost $600 worth of products - and five of the 8 girls committed to hosting before the end of June. So, it was a good start and fun.

It's been so interesting because a lot of friends are just floored when they find out I'm doing this. I'm not really sure why, or what I've done to give anyone the impression that this is somehow a stretch.  On the other hand, those that know me best have not been surprised at all, so go figure. I think it's because I translate as sweet instead of edgy or provocative. It actually works pretty well for me because it doesn't put people off right away. 

Oh, and I did talk to my mom last week.  I offered to demo the mild products with her, but I think it may have just been too much because we've managed to avoid further discussion since (perhaps having your daughter talk about the virtues of various lubricants is a bit much?).

Aside from that I'm exhausted.  I have decided that this will be my last legislative session for awhile. The pieces I'm working on are doing well, but the pace is too frenetic, and I'm beyond burned out (this is year 6!). Basically, it's just not fun anymore, so time to move on.  My goal is to transition out by December at the latest.   

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March 31st, 2007

02:47 pm:

Thank goodness for my sensible husband, James.  He talked me out of doing my  "Launch Party" this evening, and he was so right! He suggested that with all the late nights I've been working, it may not make sense to rush it.  This also gives me a chance to have a little visit with some family members and get them comfortable with the idea (or not) before it's official.  

So my new launch party date is April 14th. I'm so excited! I've been practicing my product demos - and how can that not be just a riot with these goods to work with?  My girlfriends are being very supportive, whick makes me feel great. I have two that committed to parties later this spring.

I've also activated my Pure Romance website at www.jannamarie.pureromance.com and a myspace page at  www.myspace.com/prbyjannamarie.

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March 18th, 2007

08:14 pm: Studying Up

So I have spent the weekend watching the Training DVD over and over, studying up on the products, and getting up the nerve to book my first party.  It will be my own, with a bunch of friends, which you may think would be easier, but actually makes me more nervous. Because I'm pretty much on call constantly for the next couple weeks with the Legislative session, I'm thinking either March 31st, or April 7th for the first party.  I've also been contemplating  what else I'd like to buy that wasn't in my kit. There is so much great stuff!  The online web tools are just awesome, too, and I've been devouring them. I suppose now I should start preparing for my  "real" job.  I have three hearings tomorrow  -- Ugh.

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March 15th, 2007

09:11 pm: The Kit
My kit came today, and oh boy - it's pretty awesome. I think even if this doesn't work out it was so worth the $500 for all the fun stuff! I have a feeling I'm going to be spending much of any "profit" by taking advantage of the buying discount and purchasing products for personal use.  As he helped me unpack the goodies, my husband suddenly became much more enthusiastic about this endeavor, too. 

Current Mood: giddygiddy

March 13th, 2007

04:57 pm: Important Delivery

I just received the first email in my PR box.  I should receive an "Important Delivery" on Thursday and can't wait to see my kit! Apparently it weighs 35lbs - that seems like kind of a lot. Hmm... 

In the meantime at my "day job" today our director suggested I take on the role of Metropolitan Policy Wonkette. This could be great, but I've been already been feeling stretched, and currently only cover the city and state legislature. So, we'll see. 

Today on the Pure Romance forums some of the ladies were talking about car decals as a way of marketing their businesses. I thought that sounded great, but then quickly realized it would raise all kinds of questions in my other work life that I don't know if I'm prepared to answer. The Twin Cities isn't that huge of a place, and I can't even buy a racy book or pregnancy test without running into someone I know professionally (incidently, that's how I found Pure Romance - I was looking for "toys" and didn't want to run into someone I work with en route to the toy store). This then made me realize that I could likely run into someone from my other job at one of my parties.  Would that be ok with me? Would that be ok with her? So much to obsess over.  I just need to get over myself.

My wonderful husband is on Spring break and has taken up cooking during his time off.  He's currently whipping up a wonderful looking fish in foil with wild rice pilaf - yum.

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March 12th, 2007

08:30 pm: Took the Plunge
After months of mulling it over, I decided to take the plunge and become a Pure Romance Consultant yesterday.  I had put in an inquiry through the website a while ago, and talked to a consultant working out of Missouri (now my sponsor), but deciding to just do it took some time. Why do these things seem to get harder as I get older? I've enjoyed reading another Live Journal users' day to day account of her experiences so much, that I thought I'd try this journaling thing, too. My goals are modest to start - I'd like to knock off some debt and start investing (another new hobby!).  Also, my day job (lobbyist for a nonprofit) is demanding, and eventually I hope to transition into something that doesn't require so much time once we start our family (which could be a ways down the road).  I've mostly just been trying to get this "ok" in my head.  No one knows except my husband, who is as supportive as ever. I'm planning to surprise my girlfriends with a party invitation once the kit gets here and I've had some time to practice the presentation.  I'm not exactly sure how to explain this to my mother (and I'm 30 for pete's sake),  so that may need to wait for a month or two. Geez, I need to get over being sheepish and just be proud.

Anyway, mostly I'm just excited. I've been using the PR product line for a while now and LOVE it (who wouldn't?). I love having the little pink box  on the top shelf of the closet stocked with goodies.  I've also been talking about having my own business since I was about 15, but somewhere along the way I got side tracked and started down another career path. While this isn't exactly the little cafe I had envisioned in my youth, I think it's so perfect for where we are now because I can keep working to put James through grad school, but also have my own little thing on the side. It's definately a new adventure on which I am so ready to embark!

Current Mood: excitedexcited
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